Brad Pitt to play Leonardo Di Caprios stunt double In new Quentin Tarantino Movie
According to our own sources working in the industry filming will take place in June in Los Angeles.

It is set in 1969 Los Angeles..
He is to play a tv actor with Pitt as his stunt double who decide to make a name for themselves during a crime ridden time in Los Angeles . Margot Robbie is also set to star and it is rumoured Samuel L Jackson may also be in talks.
It's based on a time when the Manson family had committed brutal murders of Sharon Tate who was eight months pregnant and four of her friends at their house in Los Angeles which saw Charles Manson and followers jailed for life after first being given the death penalthy.
The movie titled Once Upon A Time In Holly Wood is due to start shooting in June in Los Angeles !
Brad Pitt Has starred in many films down through he years but never before as a stunt double.

The budget for this movie is an estimated 100 million dollars . It is due for release in Aug 2019

Production companies involved below ;
Heyday Films ( Harry Potter series Paddington and Fantastic Beasts Sony Pictures Entertainment Los Angles (SPE) Distributors
Columbia Pictures (2019) (USA) (theatrical)
Writer Quentin Tarrintino
Director Quentin Tarrintino
produced by Georgia Kacandes ,as well as David Heyman and the executive producer / line producer is Shannon McIntosh also Quentuin Tarrintino is listed as a producer on this feature
Shannon McIntosh has previously produced The Hateful Eight, the Wolf Of Walls Street Bad Teacher , Syriana and many more big features.,
David Heyman has produced Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them , Paddington, , The Secret Garden, I Am legend, Some Of The Harry potter Series and The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas to name but a few.
Georgia kacandes has produced many more including Why Him, Chasing Mavericks, Criminal , CQ, as well as Blow and Gattaca.
Knowing also that Quentin Tarrintino is directing is sure to mean that this movie will have a lot of action and perhaps some strange elements to it but will be a blockbuster for sure.
Alternative Titles for the Movie are ; Untitled Manson Family Project
USA (Working Title) ; Untitled 9